“Translating a document does not mean transcribing its words into another language by following the text as faithfully as possible, but transforming the original word into another word which contains in itself, in addition to the correctly interpreted original meaning, also the very soul of the document, revealed through the translator’s inner voice”


  • Technical translations
  • Scientific translations
  • Translations of manuals
  • Legal translations
  • Translations of chamber of commerce certificates, notarial deeds and various certificates
  • Commercial translations
  • Financial translations
  • Web page translations
  • Website translations
  • Tourist translations
  • Advertising translations
  • Translations for the fashion industry
  • Translations for the food and wine sector
  • Translations of foreign driving licenses and vehicle documents
  • Sworn/certified translations


Professionalism, competence, maximum quality and a long experience in the field of translations.

Fast estimates and punctual delivery times, even for the most urgent translations

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Availability of a team of native translators in many languages.
  • Our rates are, on average, lower than those of our competitors.

our translation languages

  • Danish
  • Albanian
  • Romanian
  • Hungarian
  • Croatian
  • Greek
  • Slovenian
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Portugal
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

The translation request can be made by form request, email, telephone, or on one of our social media sites. We always ask for confirmation of our services and then proceed immediately. For sworn translations/sworn translations, we need the original copy or authentication of the original copy.